Welcome to the South Lyon High School Bands Alumni Web Site.

The Alumni purpose is to keep connected with the current band program, its parents, and the community.

Any past student or parent is welcome to join the site and thus be available for communications from the current band and other alumni.

What to do?  (read it all)
  • Create an account on the site.  Now the band knows how to contact you.
  • Like the facebook sites below (band site, and bingo site.)  With Facebook links, you will see what is going on and this is our key communication method.
  • Should I stay a member of the current band site?  Only if you are still part of the band or a parent of someone in the band.
  • Want to chat with other alumni or set up an event?  Use the Post to Alumni link above to post on this site and it will also automatically post on facebook at the same time. (or just go to the facebook page)
  • Check out the band site links (site, calendars, and support) on the left to stay updated on what the current band is doing.
  • Can I see others eMail addresses and can they see mine?  No.  For privacy sake eMail address are not shared.  (Note that it will ask you for a "Display Name" - this is what people will see, so if you make that your eMail then you will be sharing your eMail.) Use our post section or facebook to contact others if needed.
  • Want to see other registered members?  Just sign in, and then click on your name at the top right. At that new profile page you will see a browse members link at the top right.

By registering for this site you will be included in any of the infrequent communications that will be sent out.   You can remove yourself at any time.

Your member ID (your eMail) will be the eMail that is used for any communications. (Don't make your "display name" your eMail address unless you want others to see your eMail.)  If your eMail changes, you can update that after you sign in - just click on edit profile.

Questions/Ideas?:   Just eMail the unofficial president of the SLHS Bands Alumni  - Scott Yergin ([email protected])